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The strange and wonderful Owl House created by Helen Martins in the 50’s and made famous by Athol Fugard in “The Road to Mecca”. . Email Owl House


Kitching Fossil Exploration centre

This centre tells the story of life in South Africa 253 million years ago during the Permian Period. Take a half-hour stroll with a guide to the nearby Gats River bed to find real fossils then walk back to the Centre via the historical foot bridge. Corner of Martin and Hudson streets. Contact: Cel 082 387 9224 Email Fossil Centre
Donkey Cart Tours Find Jakob under the pepper trees outside the Owl house and let him guide you around the village in style. 072 987 9831 (after 6pm) Donkey
Dutch Reformed Church

Still lit by gas chandeliers that pre-date the arrival of electricity in the town, the imposing white church asserts its presence over the entire valley. To see the Church, phone Peet ~ 049 8411 401 / 082 579 1039 /Email Peet

Ganora Excursions
Give us a day and we'll give you 240 million years! Guided tours are offered to San and Khoi shelters on the farm where rock art dating back to 10 000 years ago can be viewed. Email Hester Ganora
Cemetry A view of the past with graves dating back to the 17 and 1800's, many of them unmarked save for their beautiful local stone, this is a peaceful and pretty place to spend a quiet time. Cemetry
The Old Mill A quaint stone building houses this ancient water mill that used to grind wheat Mill
Ware On Earth / Charmaine Haines

Charmaine Haines is prominently established in the South African ceramics scene. Her work forms part of numerous art collections and has been selected to represent South Africa on International exhibitions.  Working within the realm of figurative clay, Haines uses both abstract and stylised symbols and motives to embellish both her sculptural and utility forms. Email Charmaine

Frans Boekkooi Sculpture Studio Frans Boekkooi’s Sculpture Studio and Heidi’s Gallery next to the Brewery.  Meet this acclaimed artist and see work by other Eastern Cape artists in the adjoining gallery. Email Frans


Martin Haines


Studio potter living in Nieu Bethesda producing a range of handmade flatware i.e. plates and platters, specializing also in the production of tiles. He works mainly in the colours of blue and white inspired by traditional early European porcelain namely Delftware. His works are sold in the Village Inn and WareOnEarth ceramic studio. Email Martin

Bethesda Art Centre 


Art, music, dance, theatre... visit the gallery, see a class in progress, take part in a workshop, or catch a performance at the magical open-air theatre. Muller Street, Tel: 049-8411731


Labyrinth and Maze created by artist Albert Redelinghuys (just beyond the Brewery.)